From Large Accelerated to Smaller Reporting Companies, RDG Filings has served publicly traded companies for over 25 years. We offer our services to a wide spectrum of clients within various industries, including financial institutions, oil & gas companies, media companies, and many more.

Our Clients Have Spoken

“Transition went well and we are really happy with it. Linking and formatting is much easier in ThunderDome®. The service team was phenomenal.” – Cohen and Company

“The implementation process seemed effortless on our part, which is wonderful and the team was very helpful with training.” – National Presto

“The system is very user friendly. Even our high-level users are raving about the software. The individuals who log in to review tell me how much easier the software is compared to our old one. That says a lot.” – Enterprise Diversified

“We were able to reduce costs and adopt a more user-friendly software. The software is very user friendly. Overall, we had a very good experience. The software is very fast and the response time form individual on the Team was within 10-15 minutes. Even after hours, it was really fast.” – Freshpet

“ThunderDome® exceeded expectations. The software and service team did a fantastic job and things went very well. I am also thrilled to not have to tag the XBRL as well.” – BankFinancial

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