RDG Filings (RDG) is a full-service XBRL & EDGAR filing agent. RDG’s experience converting and filing documents with the SEC’s EDGAR system began in 1996, and it has been providing XBRL tagging and filing services since the SEC first introduced this new reporting requirement.

Unlike some of its competitors, RDG made XBRL tagging, EDGAR conversion, and SEC filing one of its core competencies rather than an add-on service. As a result of RDG’s commitment and ability to provide the highest quality customer service in the XBRL & EDGAR filings industry, we have grown to become the 5th largest, full-service XBRL and EDGAR filing agent in the nation. We are proud to have an increasing base of very satisfied clients.

RDG Filings provides consistent service, valuable experience, and unparalleled expertise.

RDG Filings has over twenty years of experience as an SEC Filing Agent, and its parent company, Research Data Group, Inc., has been in the SEC Compliance business for over thirty years. Research Data Group was founded as the data division of Research Magazine in 1985. It became an independent entity in 1998 and has gone on to help public companies and mutual funds fulfill a variety of SEC requirements regarding Total Return Performance Graphs, custom reporting solutions for Executive Compensation Metrics, Peer Group comparisons, and consulting services for other various areas of SEC compliance. Research Data Group has developed into the most trusted name in the industry and is an industry-leader in Performance Graph production and custom peer group calculation and analysis.

RDG serves 1,500 clients including over 300 members of the S&P 500, as well as companies across all major stock-exchanges in the United States and Canada. We are privately held and have been under the same principal ownership since inception.

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