RDG understands that increased disclosure requirements and new demands for investor information can put a strain on corporate investor relations teams.  To help alleviate these new burdens, RDG offers our clients an array of innovative Web Hosting and Investor Relations website services.  Our goal is to maintain compliance, maximize efficiency for our clients, and simplify the end product for the user.  Our webhosting services can decrease the volume of investor calls and the amount of time spent servicing investors.


RDG offers Web Hosting services for XBRL documents and SEC Filings, including a full XBRL and HTML viewer that does not redirect the user or require any third party software interaction.

RDG also offers an Investor Relations webpage that includes the Web Hosting of the XBRL documents and SEC Filings, but can also be expanded to include your company’s Profile, Stock Information, and News Headlines.  Our IR and Web Hosting services can be tailored to your needs, and the rates vary accordingly, starting as low as $600 per quarter.

Please contact us for more information by calling 415.643.6017.

More information about our Notice & Access Services is available here.

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