What is Notice & Access?

Effective January 1, 2009, Corporate Issuers filing proxy materials with the SEC must now post these materials to a public website at the time of their mailing to shareholders. Issuers and other soliciting persons will be required to post their proxy materials on an Internet Web site and provide shareholders with a notice of the Internet availability of the materials. The issuer or other soliciting person may choose to furnish paper copies of the proxy materials along with the notice. If the issuer or other soliciting person chooses not to furnish a paper copy of the proxy materials along with the notice, a shareholder may request delivery of materials at no charge.

Web Hosting Regulatory Requirement

  • All issuers who are required to file must post their proxy materials on a publicly accessible website at the time of their mailing
  • Materials posted on the Internet must be printable and searchable
  • Use of the SEC EDGAR website is not permissible
  • This public site cannot utilize “cookies” that infringe upon the anonymity of the shareholder or anyone accessing your proxy material online*.


Web Hosting & Document Conversion

RDG Filings can convert your annual report, proxy statement, and related proxy materials and host them in accordance with SEC regulations.


Notice-and-Access has slashed the number of Proxies and Annual Reports companies must print, and new digital presses now allow for high-quality color printing that is cost effective for print-runs of 5000 copies or fewer. We will be happy to provide quotes for higher quantities if needed.

RDG can professionally typeset and print all of your required documents (Annual Reports, Quarterly Reports, Proxy Statements, etc.), and ensure that all materials are delivered in a timely manner.

Specializing in short print runs, we provide a high-quality, cost-effective alternative to the big printing companies. Regulatory and technological advances have dramatically altered the nature of financial printing.

The digital press also allows us to print on-demand for you. Should your company require 500 annual reports now and then need 100 additional reports for a conference a month later, we will print and ship them within 72 hours and there will be no additional set-up fees. You will pay for only what you need, and you will not end up with a closet full of un-used annual reports and proxies.

Please contact us for a print quote.


Most Notice & Access web-hosting compliance can be done for less than $1,000. Please contact us for a quote.

Notice & Access FAQ’s

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