In order to improve its usefulness to investors, the SEC requires that Mutual Fund risk/return summary information be tagged and made available in XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) in final rule 33-9006.

RDG offers a full-service package for the XBRL Mutual Fund Risk/Return Summary that gives you our industry-leading personal service and guarantees all of our XBRL filings are compliant with the SEC. The package includes the following:

  • Assistance from our Mutual Fund XBRL Team with all aspects of meeting the SEC’s requirements for your filings throughout the year
  • A fixed, long-term cost that is not dependent on staffing, training, or upgrading technology
  • Lower overhead and overall costs per fund
  • RDG’s Risk/Return Solution, giving your people back their most precious and valuable resource: their time
  • EDGAR/IDEA/HTML Conversion included in service & pricing

RDG’s Mutual Fund Services Team:

Our Risk/Return XBRL Team is made up of Certified Public Accountants who are trained XBRL professionals and specialize in working specifically with XBRL for Mutual Funds.

Our service team provides the following benefits:

  • All work is performed in the United States under RDG’s roof (No outsourcing)
  • Our team works with and for you, focusing on making your process less time-consuming and more tailored to your needs
  • We can easily create or amend an extended taxonomy including all CIK’s, Series and Classes of information
  • We offer personal review, validation, submission, and assurance services
  • Post submission peer comparison is also available

Because of this personalized attention to detail, we can offer the best full-service XBRL filing deadlines in the industry. You will achieve improved service and cost savings that will make your shareholders happy.

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