RDG Filings, Inc. is an SEC filing agent that provides a complete suite of full-service and on-demand software to fulfill the compliance and filing requirements for public companies.

RDG’s experience filing on the SEC’s EDGAR system began in 1996, and it has been providing XBRL tagging services since the inception of this mandate.  RDG can produce your XBRL filings in guaranteed compliance either the U.S. GAAP Taxonomy or the IFRS Taxonomy.

In additional to 24/7 full-service EDGAR conversion and XBRL tagging services, RDG also provides the exclusive ThunderDome® Client Portal, which allows multi-user access to create, manage, edit, and file EDGAR documents. The Portal also includes an intuitive XBRL review tool that is second-to-none.

RDG provides excellent Customer Service and a commitment to the accuracy and security of your documents. RDG does not outsource a single aspect of our clients’ filings, because the security and accuracy of your filings are paramount.

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